Mumbai Drug Bust Case Live Updates: Aryan Khan Regular Consumer Of Drugs, Evidence Shows: Agency To Court

On Friday, the Mumbai magistrate court had rejected Aryan Khan’s earlier bail plea. (File)


Aryan Khan’s bail hearing – the third since his arrest almost two weeks ago in the Mumbai drugs-on-cruise case – began on Wednesday, and continues today.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan allegedly “indulged in illicit drug trafficking” and was involved in the “procuring and distribution of drugs”, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) told a Mumbai sessions court on Wednesday.

The star son’s defence argued that Aryan Khan had no cash on him to buy drugs, that no drugs were found on him, and finally, that he wasn’t even present during the cruise raid. 

Aryan Khan – Accused No. 1 for the NCB – sourced drugs and was in touch with “some persons abroad who appear to be a part of an International Drug Network for illicit procurement of drugs”, the anti-drugs agency said in a statement to the court.

“WhatsApp chats reveal the accused was in touch with a foreign national for bulk quantity of hard drugs,” it said, adding that the probe so far has revealed his role in the conspiracy.

Aryan Khan was “not even on the cruise” raided by NCB officers on October 2, so the allegation of drug trafficking against him is “absurd”, his lawyer Amit Desai told the Mumbai court in response to the NCB’s claims.

Aryan Khan, 23, was arrested along with his friend Arbaaz Merchant and six others after the October 2 mid-sea drugs raid on the goa-bound Cordelia cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai.  

He has been in a Mumbai jail since Friday.

Here are the Live Updates on the Mumbai Drug Bust Case involving Aryan Khan:

Court Update | ASG Anil Singh (for NCB) reading the part of the reply in which WhatsApp chats and international drug peddling have been mentioned:

Aryan Khan did not take drugs only once, the statement that has been received shows that he has been consuming it for the last few years.

Drugs have been found on Arbaaz Merchant. Aryan was with him. It is clearly written in the Panchnama that both were about to consume the drugs.

I have already given you the Panchnama and WhatsApp chats.

Court Update | ASG Anil Singh (for NCB): Sorry for coming late. I had informed the High Court that there is a case here also.

Yesterday I wrote many things in the reply in front of you. I am further reading the reply now.

Court Update | Aryan Khan’s bail hearing (day 2) begins.

Court Update | ASG Anil Singh has reached the Mumbai sessions court. Aryan Khan’s bail hearing to begin.

Court Update | Adv. Amit Desai raised the issue of the ASG not reaching the court on time, particularly in light of his delay in arriving to court yesterday as well – one which led to the court closing the session for the hearing prematurely and having it continue today.

Adv. Amit Desai (for Aryan Khan): I understand that an important matter is going on in the High Court but information should also be given here, they should think of us too.

Adv. Advait Sethna (for NCB): He has now left the High Court. Coming in a short time. We apologize.

Adv. Amit Desai (for Aryan Khan): If he is coming then it is good, but my appeal is that when he comes, then the hearing of this matter should start.

Adv. Satish Maneshinde (for Aryan Khan): I ask that, if necessary, the court should end this matter by staying back for the hearing for some time even if it is after 2 pm (2 pm to 2.45 pm is lunch time in the sessions court).

Court Update | Adv. Amit Desai (for Aryan Khan) has also reached the Mumbai sessions court. ASG Anil Singh (for NCB) still has to arrive before hearing can begin.

Aryan Khan bail hearing delayed
Court Update | The bail hearing was to begin at noon, but Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh is currently in the High Court.

Mr Singh will come to the sessions court after debating two matters in the High Court. Therefore, there may once again be a delay in starting the hearing.

Court rejects intervention petition opposing Aryan Khan’s bail plea
The Mumbai sessions court has rejected the intervention petition opposing Aryan Khan’s bail plea filed by a 72-year-old social worker.

Social worker files an intervention petition opposing Aryan Khan’s bail plea prior to hearing

Prior to Aryan Khan’s bail hearing today, a 72-year-old social worker filed an intervention petition opposing Aryan Khan’s bail plea.

The petitioner said in his petition that Aryan is a star kid, therefore his bail petition is being given great importance and absolving him of the charges on him will be wrong on the society.

Aryan Khan’s legal team: The intervention petition filed is not maintainable. Petitioner is not the affected party in this case. This third party is an unknown person and thus cannot file an intervention petition. 

Aryan Khan’s legal team (contd.): If he is really a social worker, then has he filed such intervention petitions in any other case? This is just a publicity stunt. Therefore this petition should be dismissed.

Court Update | Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani has reached the Mumbai sessions court for the second day of Aryan Khan’s bail hearing, after his arrest in the drugs-on-cruise case.

Aryan Khan and five others shifted within Arthur Road Jail

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