Stuck in a problem or solution?

The very first step in solving a problem is recognizing the existence of the problem and that is how human civilization has been moving forward. Human found walking strenuous and the wheel was invented. Humans were attacked by animals and they found a weapon of defense in the form of stones. Problems kept appearing and human kept creating new solution to them. Well and good; but do we realize about the stop button?

Let me explain this with the example of weapon development theory. Primitive humans use stones which was later substituted by weapons of metals. The human race progressed further and technology took the responsibility of providing humans with better weapons to such an extent that nuclear weapons have become more of a threat than a utility. The need for weapons was real, and the journey began to find a solution to a real problem. However, we didn’t know where to draw the line. More than anything we are caught in the web of developing weapons so deeply that there seems no way out. So what happened? The solution became bigger than the problem.

For a lot of countries major problems are hunger, healthcare and education and although most of the money should be spent on these, there prevails an endless race of developing and acquiring the weapons. Let’s consider another issue that has the most significant impact on our lives. Religion. The fear of God was probably introduced in ancient times to keep the wrongdoers in check. Religion was built on the pretext of what is good and what is bad. But look around in the present time; religion is doing more harm than any good.

Money is the much needed ingredient for survival. If one says or believes money is not important, it is the biggest lie one can ever tell. But the question is how much money is needed, and where does it become a problem. Unlike weapons, which is a matter of national security, and is beyond our control, money is our personal choice and we need to draw that line ourselves for keeping it as a solution for our problems. One needs to work intelligently to ensure a comfortable survival. Until that’s done never lose your focus. Once the requirement is fulfilled, don’t attach extra importance and join the rat race of making money. There must be a full stop to every solution we develop towards our problem.

A financial crisis is real and going by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans tend to attend to their basic needs first. Once the basic needs are fulfilled, the problem starts at the psychological level. The hunger for fame, power and authority, starts when your need for money is met. The endless chase for money beyond the requirement and then chasing the non-real subjects create a vicious cycle of psychological issues.

Before you move ahead in finding solutions to your problems, it becomes imperative to analyze the problem properly. Narrow it down and prepare the solution meant for that particular problem. If you keep chasing the solution to make it big, do remember where to draw the line lest the solution should become a bigger problem.

Not knowing where to stop is a bigger problem than the real problem itself.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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