Log 9 Materials Partners Fortum For InstaCharging Tech

Log 9 claims that its batteries provide 9 times faster charging, 9 times more battery life, and 9 times higher performance.

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Log 9 Materials has been running pilots with OEMs and logistics companies

Log 9 Materials has partnered with DC fast charging infrastructure pioneer Fortum to bring its InstaCharging battery packs to the masses. Log 9 makes RapidX battery packs for electric 2 wheelers and 2 wheelers while Fortum is the provider of DC fast-charging stations for 2 and 3 wheelers. And this union will enable charging within 15-30 minutes. The partnership intends to making fast charging accessible. Log 9’s InstaCharging technology promises 15 minutes of charging for 2-wheelers and 40 minutes for 3-wheelers. 

“Availability of widespread charging infrastructure is a key driver for EV adoption in India and forms a critical factor in terms of the customer experience too. On the other hand, to justify the charging infrastructure costs, a critical mass of EVs need to be functional on-road. Additionally, to minimize downtime and maintain the operational efficiency of commercial vehicles, fast charging is a must. Keeping these aspects in mind, our latest partnership with Fortum will attempt to make Log 9’s InstaCharging mainstream for India’s electric vehicles. It is a step in the right direction, and as Log 9’s InstaCharge batteries’ commercial rollout takes shape, we are hoping that this partnership will go a long way in accelerating the EV revolution in India – which is only possible when multiple stakeholders come together to solve the existing bottlenecks in EV adoption. Over the long term, Log 9 and Fortum will work hand-in-hand to establish Log 9’s ‘InstaCharging’ on Fortum’s DC Fast chargers as the industry standard,” said Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials. 


Fortum C&D is one of the major charging infrastructure players

Log 9 has been conducting pilot tests over the last eight months with InstaCharging enabled RapidX battery packs with OEMs like Omega Seiki mobility, Hero electric and also last mile operators like Amazon, Shadowfax, Delhivery, EBikeGo, Flipkart, BykeMania. Its pilot will conclude at the end of this month before the commercial rollout with these partners. Log 9 claims that its batteries provide 9 times faster charging, 9 times more battery life, and 9 times higher performance. It plans to deploy its battery packs across 5,000 vehicles by the end of 2022. 


“This association has come in at the right juncture in the electric mobility paradigm, wherein the largest mobility segment of customers with 2W & 3W were devoid of fast charging capabilities & relevant infrastructure access, thereby saving them precious time & quicker turnaround to cater to their respective customers” – Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Jha, said Executive Director, Fortum C&D India. 

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